Marketing National Wealth Center or Any Other Business – What Your Sponsor Isn’t Telling You!

Marketing National Wealth Center –  What works and what Doesn’t:


So you want to learn some secrets for marketing National Wealth Center or any other business, do you?

Well I know what that means.

It means you’re tired of seeing zero results while your sponsor lives a lifestyle of success, abundance and freedom?

Whether he or she meant to or not, there is something your sponsor isn’t telling you so I’m going to give it to you straight… I’m going to let you know why most people fail in network marketing. I’m going to let you in on my secrets for  marketing National Wealth Center.  By the way, they also apply to any other online business.


The reason why most people fail in National Wealth Center or any kind of network marketing opportunity is because they have no originality.

 The network marketing industry is HUGE.

If you want to be successful in marketing National Wealth Center or  any other online business,  it’s going to require you to drop the pom poms. 

What I mean by that is you cannot  become yet another  National Wealth Center cheerleader.

So how do you know if you accidentally became a company cheerleader instead of an entrepreneur? 

It is really quite simple.

You go around telling everyone things like how powerful your compensation plan is, “If you recruit 4 people and they go on to recruit 4…” 

I’m going to stop you there.

If it was that easy,  the entire human population would be recruited in days. People have been saying this since the dawn of network marketing.  If you think it still works, your are nuts!

No one really cares when you say,  “My company has done XYZ dollars in sales this month.”

And? What do your company’s profits have anything to do with someone else’s success?

“Make an extra few hundred dollars per month working part-time.”

Blah, blah, blah…….How many times have we all heard that?

All of these types of statements are so cliched.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different results, yet almost everyone who gets into network marketing DOES THE EXACT SAME THING EXPECTING A DIFFERENT RESULT OTHER THAN FAILURE.

I don’t care how well someone claims they’re doing using the stereotypical network marketing pitches, I guarantee they are not being straight with you.

How Do You Have Success in Marketing National Wealth Center:

be uniqueIf you’re serious about succeeding in marketing National Wealth Center, you have got to be unique.

You need to not sell people on whatever it is you’re selling, you need to first sell people on YOU.

The only reason someone is going to buy something from you is because they believe that YOU can help them get to where they want to go. 

When you sell someone on a COMPANY or a product specifically that personal connection isn’t there and you’re 10x more likely to lose that person in a month or two.

Any successful network marketer has sold people on THEM. People Join People! 

Why did you join your opportunity with your particular sponsor? It’s probably because you believed in their ability to get to where you want to be, you liked them and trusted them.

So how do you get people to believe, like and trust you?

First of all you forget company provided marketing materials. 

You’re not marketing National Wealth Center or whatever company you’re in, you’re marketing YOU and guess what?

You know YOU best.

If you’re using stereotypical marketing tactics then most people don’t even know who you are.

They don’t know there is an actual human being behind it! 

You win the network marketing game by having a unique voice, and that voice is YOUR VOICE.

Not your sponsors, not your company’s, but YOURS.

Do not be afraid that people may think you’re weird or people may not agree with your opinions.

That’s why the majority of people in network marketing stick to the same old scrips everyone has heard before because they’re scared to BRAND THEMSELVES, as it means facing the possibility of personal rejection. 

Trust me, if someone doesn’t like you it means that you have an audience and that you are making a difference.

So How do you market YOU?

You do this by sharing your lifestyle…

Sharing your beliefs…

Motivating others…

Building actual relationships without the intent of selling…

And solving other people’s problems…

I highly recommend video marketing and social media marketing.  In the beginning,  you do this on 1 medium (depending on how much time you have) until you master it.

If you prefer video marketing then stick to offline marketing. If you like to market on Facebook, don’t also try to market on Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Don’t yourself too thin early on.

Learn how to master a single traffic (lead) source and then add other things into the mix.

If you forget you are even apart of National Wealth Center and instead focus on being in the company of YOU,  then you will have people swarming you, wanting what you have. 

Here’s to sharing my secrets for Marketing National Wealth Center.  I hope you got some value from this post!

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