Chapter 3. Build / Add To Your Leverage

Chapter #3-3 Build / Add To Your Leverage

Add To Your Leverage Through Arbitrage Trading

Do It Yourself Arbitrage … Multiply Your Crypto

Account Setup & Walkthrough

Step 1. Click on the “ActivateYour Account” button above. A new window will open. When l7 opens up, click on the orange “Start Trade” button.

Creating Your Login Credentials

After clicking the orange “start trade” button, you will be taken to the credentials creation page. Fill out this page with your desired login name, email and password. Complete the confirmation portions and then hit Sign In.

Enter In Your Registration Code:

A Registration code screen will now appear. You will need to check your email that you used to register your account with and use the registration code that was sent there. Enter the code and hit the “activate” button.

Access Your Referral Code:

When logged on, at the top right of the screen, you can hover over the username you chose a drop down box will appear. Click on Referral Program button. You will be taken to the referral program screen. Once the referral program screen appears, you will be able to copy your affiliate link.

Activate the 2FA Protection:

Activate the 2FA protection from the navigation window. 2FA helps to ensure that only you have access to entry to your profile.

Access Your Wallets:

Clicking on the Wallet in the navigation will take you to where you will be able to add digital assets to your account. You will need to click on Replenish to add digital assets to your wallet. (“Replenish” = Deposit)


The Trade Cycle is where you will be able to conduct Manual and Automatic trades. To enter the Automatic Trades section, click on the “Automatic Trade” button to the top right of the screen.

L7 Account Activated Email:

Check your email. You should now have an email confirmation letting you know that you account has been successfully activated. Go ahead now and watch the Live Trade Illustration Video and begin placing your arbitrage trades to begin your earnings!